Goat Sales Agreement
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We apologize to any that this may inconvenience, but we due this in order to satisfy
all of our customers.  Why wait when you can buy now!?!

  • Deposit - Fifty percent (50%) of the sales price is the deposit for us to hold any
    animal and mark them as "sales pending."  This is non-refundable and must be
    received within 7 days to hold any animals.  

  • Payment in full  - Full payment is required before we will let any animal leave
    our property.  

  • Boarding Fee - There will be a $3.00 a day boarding fee after the first 15 days of
    the sale or weaning date.

  • Failure to comply - Non compliance with this policy will be grounds for
termination of the agreement without refund of the deposit and the animal will     
be listed again as "for sale." If you haven't contacted us within a month of
weaning or sale date, that is considered "failure to comply."

  • In the event that something happens to the animal that a deposit has been paid
    on, the buyer will have first choice of others for sale at or near the original
    selling price.  A full refund will be given if and only if we have no other goats
    available at the time.  

  • In the event that an emergency occurs and you can no longer keep the goats you
    just purchased, please let us know. We may consider buying them back at half of
    the original. This depends on the individual situation. Remember that we have to
    be able to feed what we have here and it was not an easy choice to sell the goat to
    you in the first place!!

  • Shipping and/or health certificates - These are available at the buyers expense.

  • Special Notice when buying does - While exposed does are sold with service
    memos, that is in no means a guarantee of their being bred.  We use only natural
    breeding, therefore we wait for nature to take its course.  Please discuss any
    other options with us at the time of purchase. A chance to rebreed the doe may
    be offered.
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