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Eagles Nest
Boer Goats
New Kids
We have new kids on the ground now, and they are
staggered out to make appearances throughout the spring.
Keep checking back for one to fall in love with!
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Naughty and Merlyn had a buck
kid on March 16. This
handsome youngster h
as already
been claimed by his future farm
Boer Goats
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Boer Bucks
Boer Does
Boer Kids
Reba and "Mojo" had twins on
February 7 - a buck an
d doe pair
of reds. They
have both been sold.
Obsydian and Merlyn had - a red doe on
March 5. She is a trickster, always hiding
from her momma!
Nadiya and Merlyn had twins - a black
buck and a black dappled doe - on March 7.
The buck did not survive an accident, but the
doe is doing great!
Clove and Merlyn had triplet does on March 9. The red doe
and her two black sisters are
really a joy to watch! Two are
spoken for and heading to new homes. The black with the
polka dot will
be remaining
Muse and Merlyn had twins does
on March 9. These 75% doe
kids are super unique!
The red
is spoken for and will be
heading to a new home. The
chocolate dappled will be
staying here.
Natasha and Merlyn had a set of
delightful twin does on March 14. In
celebration of Pi Day, P
i will be staying here
at the farm to continuously remind us that
nothing around here is rational